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Baking apples is a good low-risk starting point. To test if the sun was strong enough to cook in winter, I baked some grannies. The sun was quite intense enough and the baked apples were seriously delicious!


6 Granny Smith Apples

2 Tbs sultanas

1 tsp grated citrus peel,

1 Tbs natural yogurt

1 Tbs honey

½ tsp cinnamon



1. Core apples keeping the base and stalk as stoppers.

2. Stopper the base of the apples with the bottom part of the core

3. Mix the other ingredients and stuff the apples, top with the cork stopper

4. Place apples in a tray or casserole and cook in the oriented solar oven.

5 The apples will discolour and may burst when cooked.

6. Serve with cream, icecream or custard.

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